Sunday, March 1, 2015

{ growing a pandanus }

It's been a while since I've posted any work-in-progress pics so I thought I would share the journey of a pandanus painting from a few months ago. I always like looking back on these when planning for new work, particularly when I'm able to see how it came together in the end. I hope you enjoy them too!

See you soon,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{ recent work }

'Bread & Jam' - 58 x 58cm (framed), watercolour on Arches paper

Detail of 'Plate of Prawns' - 38 x 38cm (framed), watercolour on Arches paper

'A September Morning' - 58 x 58cm (ramed), watercolour on Arches paper

'Thinking; Reading; Contemplating' - 62 x 62cm (framed), watercolour on Arches paper

Hello! Again it's been far too long since I updated this blog but as the new year is now well and truly underway I wanted to show you a few of my paintings from late last year. The Christmas period is always my busiest time, and in 2014 this was more the case than ever!

In reflecting on another year gone, I realise how fortunate I have been with the commissions that I work on. It is such a pleasure to work with the open-minded and respectful people that come my way-  they have trusted me to just 'create'; a position which is so fulfilling for me and inevitably always the best outcome for them. While I still love the commissions whereby I can take a 'brief' of a thing or flower or plant and bring that to life through paint on paper; I still really relish the space to try new techniques, subjects and ideas.... and see where the brush takes me. 

Well thanks again for reading, and I will post again soon with new work again.

Pip x

Monday, October 20, 2014

{ prints available & recent work }

The First Picking - watercolour on paper completed for the 2014 Brisbane Mango Auction

Detail of The First Picking

Hello! These days my posts are so few and far between that I never quite know where to start so I thought I would take the chance to update you on a couple of things all at once...... starting with these ripe and juicy looking mangoes above.  

Last week I was lucky to have one of my pieces auctioned off as part of the 2014 Mango Auction, held at the Rocklea Fruit Markets here in Brisbane. It's an inaugural event that has turned into a bit of an institution amongst the fruit and produce community; with the symbolic 'first tray of the season' always fetching big dollars to go towards their chosen charities of Diabetes Queensland and Life Education Queensland. 

These are both vital contributors to the future health and wellbeing of our state's kids, and this year's auction was a big success with the first tray sold for $30,000 - (yes that's right, $30K for a tray of mangoes!). The other items (including my painting) fetched another $18,000 which brought the grand total raised on the day to $48,000.

It was such a positive event to be a part of - not only do the proceeds go to deserving causes, but I'm also so passionate about supporting our local produce growers & sellers, so it was really wonderful to be able to contribute in some way to this worthy event. 

'Grevillea - Loopy Lou' - prints now available through Museum of Brisbane

Another thing I'm pleased to let you know is that I have some new prints now available! The above piece - 'Grevillea - Loopy Lou' - has been released as a limited edition print through the Museum of Brisbane, and is available through their gallery shop in site at the MOB near Brisbane City Hall. The prints are A4 size and just $20; and can be purchased by contacting the shop directly by phone on +617 3339 0810 or email

A commission - Jane & Tom's Sugarcane

In the spirit of my very patriotic post I thought I'd finish it off with none other than some North Queensland sugarcane! This piece was a commission I completed recently as a wedding gift - from sisters to their sister (and new brother); who all grew up in the northern part of our state where this cane abounds. The newly married couple are childhood sweethearts and just lovely people, who celebrated their wedding day in their hometown with a beautiful night under the stars, in a big open field. It's always so nice to be able to create something that has meaning and memories for the giver and receiver.

Well thanks for stopping by, I will post again soon as I have some new work coming to Black & Spiro later this week.

Pip x

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{ design for mirabel 2014 }

Island Banksia - watercolour on paper 

This is a piece I did recently that featured in the 'Design for Mirabel' event held in Melbourne a few weekends ago. It is an annual benefit held in Melbourne showcasing the work of ten high profile Australian designers, and my great supporter, friend (and now sister in law!) Anna Spiro was asked to decorate a room for the event.

Image courtesy of Anna Spiro's Instagram

Anna put such a beautiful room together - her amazing way of bringing vintage, modern and classic pieces together in a surprising and just-plain-beautiful way never ceases to amaze! From all reports it was a wonderful opening night and weekend; plus all proceeds of sales went to the very worthy Mirabel Foundation. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to such a great cause.

Thanks for stopping by!
Pip x

Sunday, July 6, 2014

{ an australian icon }

If you're Australian then these boots will need no introduction. 

To everyone else,  it's a pair of R.M. Williams boots; and these proudly adorne the feet of Australian men from cattle stations to rugby games to weddings and boardrooms alike. So there wasn't a moments hesitation when a friend commissioned me to to create this piece as a gift to her RM-wearing husband.

I painted these a little while ago but thought I would share something different for a change, and also some progress shots of these with you.... The initial intention was actually to be a black & white ink drawing; however they just didn't feel finished without that signature rich reddy brown licking the glossy leather. It was such a pleasure to brings such an Australian icon to life, and knowing that they live in such a lovely and happy home makes it all the sweeter. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Pip x